Painted Pumpkins – V2

My grandma totally inspired me last weekend to paint pumpkins. I bought a can of chalkboard paint weeks ago and I’ve been waiting for something to come along to paint it on.


photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)



Weekend wish list

Happy Friday!

Now that fall is here, there are so many things that I am coveting in the store windows along Bloor Street. I have been walking by these boots every day for the past month.  Some days, I can be seen standing in front of the Louis Vuitton window just staring in at them.  I think they are fantastic.
Eternal Half Boot LVHere are some other items that are on my current wish list. You may see a bit of a pattern here.  Faux fur and pastel pink.  I love injecting pastel colour into my fall wardrobe and decor because it is unexpected and it adds a soft touch to all the browns, navy and burgundy that are traditional fall colours.  And of course, all things faux fur are just so cozy, you can’t help but want to cuddle up with it on a cold fall day.
PicMonkey Collage1. Melly Nubuck leather mini, Danier
2. Fabric by Anna Maria Horner, Harts Fabric – this would make a pretty throw pillow for my daughter’s new room.
3. Nate Berkus faux fur stool, Target – Sadly, I can’t find one at any Target store in Canada.
4. Fall mums – so pretty!
5. Faux fur neck warmer, similar here at Banana Republic – my colleagues and I need to wear these in our office when they won’t turn on the heat because it is not yet winter.
6. Vintage swing drawer handles, Etsy Firstfinds – these are being ordered for my daughter’s newly painted antique dresser.
7. Pink pearls, Etsy – so classic.
8. Wool drape coat, Banana Republic – so very “Olivia Pope”.
9. Sofa bed, Ikea – I want to buy this sofa from Ikea for the kids playroom. It pulls out so they can have sleepovers.  I doubt my husband will go for the pink, but maybe the grey?
Happy fall weekend everyone!

Painted Pumpkins

At Thanksgiving dinner, my grandma had a craft station set up for the kids. She had each child choose a pumpkin to decorate as soon as they arrived. Then she set each child and pumpkin at a table with bowls of glitter, eyeballs, sequins and pots of paint. The kids loved it and it was so nice to see them all spending time with their great grandma.  All cousins, big and small were helping – her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

My grandma is one of the best DIYers that I know. When I was a kid and I used to visit her in Florida, we would spend hours at craft stores and then come home and make everything from wreaths, scrunchies, painted shoes and shirts.  I loved it!

Here are some of Grandma’s art “students” hard at work:

painting pumpkins pump artists at work

Eason pumpkin Grace P Owen pumpkin




Fashion Friday – Gap Cords

We had a DIY family photo shoot the other day.  The weather was chilly but gorgeous.  We set up our camera on the tri-pod, set the timer and snapped away.  It was tough to get going and get everyone in place, but once the kids knew that a bag of timbits was up for grabs, they were very cooperative in showing their pearly whites to the camera.

We have hired photographers before, but always find it fun to take our own pictures too.  Even if you snap 30, you are bound to get 2 or 3 good ones.  I knew that even if we didn’t get any, we would have a lot of good laughs together.

We dressed in our new Gap clothes for these fall selfies:
fall photo 1

Not always easy to get 4 people into position, especially when one must, absolutely  stand beside mom

Not always easy to get 4 people into position, especially when one must, absolutely stand beside mom

Fun in the leaves!

Fun in the leaves!

The money shot

And we got one!



And the girl who just does her own thing

And the girl who just does her own thing.  These gorgeous little polka dot runners from the Gap lasted about 30 minutes before she stepped in dog poop. Those are the kinds of things that happen when you’re two 🙂

I am loving the fall styles at Gap right now.  The Bloor Street store is fantastic!  A couple of weeks ago they had a pop up sale with 40% your entire purchase. I love me a good sale!

What we’re wearing:
me: Gap denim jacket*, Gap always skinny cords, pink flamingo tank from Smart Set, boots from the Bay
hubby: Gap cords, Gap hoodie and Gap shirt
son: Gap straight jeans and Gap cream long sleeve shirt
daughter: Gap legging cord and shoes, Target cardigan, Levi’s denim jacket

*I have had this since I was a teenager – for almost 2 decades.  I think it has held up pretty well and I love the way that it still looks. So classic – everyone should own one of these!

Pull up a Pretty Pouf

Poufs are such a great addition to any room.  It seems that they are popping up everywhere from Target to Crate & Barrel to

We have one in our living room to use as a foot rest and my son has one in his room which he uses as a seat/foot rest/cushion/play thing/place to stack books.  I remember when I brought the one in our living room home from Urban Barn, my husband sort of teased me for buying something called a “pouf”.  He is now the “pouf hogger” in our home during late night TV watching.  

You can’t help but love them. Seriously, if you don’t have one already, you could use one in your home.

pouf blog

I found this one at HomeSense on Bloor Street today

pouf 8


pouf 4


pouf 1


this is actually a dog bed.  I have one in my son's room for his reading nook.  It is perfectly comfy and cozy and doesn't look like a doggy bed when paired with some throw pillows

This is actually a dog bed. I have one in my son’s room in his reading nook. It is perfectly comfy and cozy and doesn’t look like a doggy bed when paired with some throw pillows. Found at HomeSense on Bloor Street.

pouf 9

Children’s Patchwork Floor Pouf from – perfect for a little girl’s room!

pouf 5

Grand Knitted Pouf from

Threshold Pouf at Target

Threshold Pouf at Target

I think the next pouf in my home will be a DIY….stay tuned for that one 🙂

Danforth Avenue

The other day I experienced yet another delay on the TTC. I waited down on the subway platform for almost 20 minutes before I decided to just walk home.  I am glad it was a flat shoe day. The walk took about an hour and was actually really nice.  I am always in such a rush to get home at the end of the day and often don’t take the time to take in my surroundings.

Once I got past Broadview and into my neighbourhood, I took it all in and rediscovered what a great area of the city we live in. It is so close to downtown (if, of course, the TTC is on schedule) and everything is within walking distance – market, drug store, pediatrician’s office, kid’s school, Tim Horton’s.

I grabbed a coffee and stopped in at some of my favourite places…
2014-10-02 12.04.23


Body Blue has a fantastic selection of jeans and casual wear.  They also carry some amazing outer wear – I’ve fallen in love with a Mackage coat or two there once before. They often have sale racks out front of the store that hold some major steals as well.  Their customer service has always been #1 for me.

Parade has some gorgeous items. Prices are on the mid-higher end compared to most of the other clothing stores along the Danforth, but well worth it for the quality of items that they carry.  They have their own line too, which I love.  Their pencil skirts fit me like they were made for me.  This store is by far, one of my favourites along the Danny. My only complaint is that I am usually made to feel guilty if I don’t purchase something during one of my visits.  Some of their salespeople need to ease up on their sales tactics a wee bit. However, their stuff is beautiful and I tell everyone to go there.

If you need a new necklace, pair of leggings, top for a night out or a pair of Tom’s, stop by Social Butterfly.  Their prices are not over the top and they always have a good selection of sizes. I just love walking by this store window. It always lures me in!

2014-10-02 11.59.47

Food & Restaurant

There are a ton of both Greek (of course) and sushi restaurants along the strip, but my favourite place to get take-out on the Danforth is an Indian place, Sher-E-Punjab.  They have the best butter chicken. Mmmmm. And they will even deliver to our house, which is just a couple of blocks away. Yes, we could walk to pick it up, but in the winter, the delivery option is fantastic!  I only wish they were open on Mondays.

Casa Sushi comes in second for take-out joints.  You get a ton of food for a small price.  The kids also love going to eat their bento boxes at Casa Sushi. Take out or dine in, this place is so convenient and the food always yummy. They also score big points for being kid-friendly.

The two markets at the corner of Logan and Danforth are always full of fresh and local fruits and veggies. Both stands are good and their prices are comparable with each other’s.  It is odd that two places, selling the exact same product to the exact same market, can both stay in business.  But, good for them!  And good for us – there is always tons of selection. We shop there every other day.
2014-10-02 12.06.40

2014-10-02 12.05.09 2014-10-02 12.04.54

I had to include this shot of a soon to open brew pub between Logan and Broadview on the south side of the street. For the longest time, it has sat empty. Before that, someone spent an awful lot of time and money on a not so attractive facade. In fact, I thought it was a major eye sore. Then someone else turned it into a “club” which sat empty most nights from what you could see.  I think it was just too big and I don’t think the Danforth demographic is a fit for a night club.  The new owners (or old owners maybe) have done an excellent job of giving it a nice, new facade and it looks like it is set to open any day now as Louis Cifer Brew Pub.  I wish this place luck and hope it survives in this, what seems to be, cursed location. Hopefully it will be on my favourite list soon.
2014-10-02 12.02.49

7 Numbers  This is definitely a kid-friendly place but is also a lovely place for a date with your husband! They don’t mind when you come in for dinner with your stroller. The food is always great and the vibe is funky and cozy.

Pizzeria Libretto  The atmosphere here is great.  It is so lively and you always bump into someone you know.  The pizza is delish and it’s also a good date spot.


Bob & Paige Salon.  I love this place. Specifically, I love their cappuccinos, head massages and Tony, who cuts my hair. The service is great and the people are friendly. Definitely make an appointment well in advance and don’t turn down the scalp massage.
2014-10-02 11.57.23

Urban Nails There is an abundance of nail salons along Danforth from Broadview all the way down to Coxwell.  I have tried maybe 5 or 6 of them and so far, my choice for best manicure goes to Urban Nails.

Odds and Ends

Pretty Things – I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into this place for the first time. By the looks of things in their store window, I figured the prices would be crazy high.  Nope!  They carry an amazing selection of costume, statement necklaces. Sure to give Stella & Dot a run for their money! Totally affordable if you are looking for something for a night out or even a really special occasion.  Although I miss Suckers, the candy store that it once was, I can see myself shopping here again.
2014-10-02 12.04.10

Ever since I moved to Riverdale, I have loved poking around La Di Da Boutique. It is a store that you definitely want to spend some time in while you leave your husband on the bench outside. They sell everything from Hunter rain boots to scarves to fancy note cards to baby gifts to earrings and clutches. You need some serious time for this one because there is a lot to take in.

IQ Living is a neighbourhood favourite.  Whenever my mom or sisters come down to visit us in Toronto, they always want to go to IQ Living.  Their window displays are amazing.  I think they must be working on their autumn harvest window right now because the white sheets are up. They sell kitchen supplies and gadgets, wine glasses, funky lunch boxes for kids, and a great selection of gift cards at the check-out that I always enjoy looking through.

There are so many great places along the Danforth – just too many to mention here!

What is your favourite place along the Danforth?

How to make your own tissue paper pom poms

Here is the latest DIY project that will be incorporated into my 2.5 year old’s new big girl room.  I had so much fun making these. In fact, I started off making just a couple of them to hang from her ceiling, but I had so much fun making them, I just kept going and going.  Who knows where this will go…

What you will need:
Pack of large tissue paper, 8 sheets per pack (the stuff from Indigo works well)
Wire or pipe cleaners
Ribbon, twine or tulle

pom pom 1

These are so quick and easy to make. Anyone can do it.

“Where can you use them” you ask?? Make them for your wedding, your children’s rooms, your classrooms, birthday party decor, or your cheerleader Halloween costume! I recently tied a giant green one to the top of a five year old’s birthday gift. She loved it!

Start by laying the stack of tissue paper flat on a large surface.

Fold it like an accordion and make the folds 1-2 inches wide.

Fold the whole thing until you have a long strip of folded tissue paper.

pom pom 2

Take a pipe cleaner or craft wire and wrap around the middle of the strip.

Cut a piece of ribbon or twine (I used some long tulle that I had left over from my wedding) about a foot long (you can always trim later) and knot the ends to create a loop/handle.  Lay it parallel to the strip of tissue paper.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around both the tissue paper and ribbon.

pom pom 3

Cut off both ends of the tissue paper strip into points.  You can curve them as well – I personally like the way the pointy ones turn out.

Begin pulling the tissue paper apart.  Be careful not to rip the paper.  Pull down both sides and you will start to see your pom pom.

Almost there…
pom pom 4
Voila!  Instant pom pom:
pom pom final

Once you are finished, reach inside for the tulle (or ribbon) so that you can hang your pom pom up.