Happy Birthday Hollis!

Holly is my little sister and I have always called her Hollis. Growing up, she was sometimes a pain in the butt, but now, she has become one of my best buds and I can’t imagine my life without her.

I think Holly was put on this earth to be a mother. She makes such a great one and I look up to and envy her every time I see her with her kids. She is always so calm and cool with her three year old, one year old and newborn baby. I have no idea how she does it. Her hubby owns his own landscaping company and is swamped with snow removal during his off-season, so Holly is on her own for days and nights at a time during our crazy Canadian winters.

I’ll call her to chat and she’ll be out on her own, driving her minivan full of kids. She’ll be like “oh, we just came from the Superstore and now we’re all going to get our hair cut and then out for ice cream”. Meanwhile, they are all singing along happily to the Finding Nemo soundtrack. Ok, so I may be exaggerating just a wee bit, but she really has taken all three of her kids to the Superstore. At once. To me, this is nuts and just asking for trouble.

Holly drove herself home from the hospital 24 hours after Mabel, her youngest was born – with all 3 kids in the car – and stopped in at our grandmother’s 80th birthday party on the way. I love my grandma dearly, but if that were me, there would be no way I was making that party.

Holly is a super trooper.

She lost her very best friend and cousin, Erin, exactly one week before Mabel was born. Holly was by Erin’s side during her battle with cancer and right up until her passing in February. It is completely heartbreaking and Holly has showed great strength throughout this time.

Hollis, you are awesome. I love you kid!

Happy Birthday!

Here is Hollis, not even three months after Mabel was born, modelling in a fashion show. You go girl!