Painted Pumpkins

At Thanksgiving dinner, my grandma had a craft station set up for the kids. She had each child choose a pumpkin to decorate as soon as they arrived. Then she set each child and pumpkin at a table with bowls of glitter, eyeballs, sequins and pots of paint. The kids loved it and it was so nice to see them all spending time with their great grandma.  All cousins, big and small were helping – her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

My grandma is one of the best DIYers that I know. When I was a kid and I used to visit her in Florida, we would spend hours at craft stores and then come home and make everything from wreaths, scrunchies, painted shoes and shirts.  I loved it!

Here are some of Grandma’s art “students” hard at work:

painting pumpkins pump artists at work

Eason pumpkin Grace P Owen pumpkin





Fashion Friday – Gap Cords

We had a DIY family photo shoot the other day.  The weather was chilly but gorgeous.  We set up our camera on the tri-pod, set the timer and snapped away.  It was tough to get going and get everyone in place, but once the kids knew that a bag of timbits was up for grabs, they were very cooperative in showing their pearly whites to the camera.

We have hired photographers before, but always find it fun to take our own pictures too.  Even if you snap 30, you are bound to get 2 or 3 good ones.  I knew that even if we didn’t get any, we would have a lot of good laughs together.

We dressed in our new Gap clothes for these fall selfies:
fall photo 1

Not always easy to get 4 people into position, especially when one must, absolutely  stand beside mom

Not always easy to get 4 people into position, especially when one must, absolutely stand beside mom

Fun in the leaves!

Fun in the leaves!

The money shot

And we got one!



And the girl who just does her own thing

And the girl who just does her own thing.  These gorgeous little polka dot runners from the Gap lasted about 30 minutes before she stepped in dog poop. Those are the kinds of things that happen when you’re two 🙂

I am loving the fall styles at Gap right now.  The Bloor Street store is fantastic!  A couple of weeks ago they had a pop up sale with 40% your entire purchase. I love me a good sale!

What we’re wearing:
me: Gap denim jacket*, Gap always skinny cords, pink flamingo tank from Smart Set, boots from the Bay
hubby: Gap cords, Gap hoodie and Gap shirt
son: Gap straight jeans and Gap cream long sleeve shirt
daughter: Gap legging cord and shoes, Target cardigan, Levi’s denim jacket

*I have had this since I was a teenager – for almost 2 decades.  I think it has held up pretty well and I love the way that it still looks. So classic – everyone should own one of these!