A corn maze in PEC

We took the kids to Campbell’s Orchards in Prince Edward County this past weekend.  It was packed with people looking for pumpkins, apples, gourds and hay rides.

Campbell’s has ducks, dogs, kittens, an enormous pig (we thought she was pregnant, but now seems to look the same size each time we go), a swing set and a giant sandbox for the kids to play in.  It is a great change of scenery for us and the kids when we are at the cottage.

We go to Campbell’s in the summertime for fruits, veggies and a play in the sandbox, followed by yummy Kawartha ice cream.

In the fall, they have two corn mazes – one for kids and one for adults.   For the kid’s maze, they give each child a clip board. They have to find pictures of things in the maze that would be good for making yummy pies and then draw pictures of the items.
corn mazecorn maze search

The kids loved running off the path into the corn stalks and going in different directions trying to get lost.
corn maze 2There are some little kittens at Campbell’s. We have watched them grow all summer.  Their names are Mac and Tosh.  They were also hiding in the corn fields…
corn maze 3corn maze kids  Definitely stop by Campbell’s if you are over in PEC.  We look forward to another visit later this fall!


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