Heart Art

For my daughter’s new big girl room, I created a piece of art using paint chips.  I had fun doing this and it was so easy and inexpensive.

I started by collecting 40-50 paint chips.  I tried to be discreet while doing this at Canadian Tire so as not to look like a hoarder. Or a really indecisive painter.  Anyway, who really cares – they are free!

I painted a white canvas in a light, light shade of pink.  I gave it the messy, sloppy paint look.
Heart Art canvas

I then traced and cut-out heart after heart.
Heart Art 1

Heart Art 2

I discovered that I had too many hearts to fit on my canvas so I made a word memory game with the left overs.  My 4 year old son loved it while we played on the back deck together.

Heart Art 3Once the canvas was dry, I glued the hearts to it and had an instant piece of art that my daughter loves. It is going to look great in her room! I painted her walls light grey so this will add a pop of colour.

Ta da…
photo (2)



5 thoughts on “Heart Art

  1. I think you should be an elementary teacher, Kelly. Your ideas are so creative, interesting and novel! How lucky your family are to have such a wonderful decorator mom.


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