A safari adventure

We had a spur of the moment day trip to the African Lion Safari this week.  My friend Amy and her cutie pie baby boy met up with us.

I hadn’t been to the African Lion Safari for decades and it was just how I remembered it.

We started out by watching the elephants swim.  The little pond where they bring the elephants for the half hour event was surrounded by a short fence where people were lined up 5-6 people deep.  It was impossible to get in there and have a good look at the family of elephants.  My four year old finally squirmed his way up to the front for a few minutes.  We hung out for the whole swim and found that everyone left about mid-way through, leaving us with the elephants almost to ourselves 🙂

The ostriches were so ugly that they were kinda cute. The family in the vehicle next to us was rolling down their windows to feed them.  I did not think this was a good idea. They were somewhat mean looking. And as one stood so close to me that I could see inside of his mouth, I realized just how HUGE they really are.  One in particular seemed to really want a piece of me. My 2 year old loved it but I think it scared her older brother.  He looked very concerned as the ostrich pecked away at my window. Amy’s little guy nursed all the way through it!
I thought the giraffes were the most beautiful of all.  They are the super models of the animal kingdom.  They walk with such grace and their colouring is so vibrant. The kids loved them too.
animalsAs we entered the monkey area, I had my window cracked about a half inch (because the A/C in our car is still only half working) and a zebra-striped pick up truck promptly sped over and told me to roll my window up. Other drivers had their windows  down and were feeding monkeys. They did not seem to get into trouble for this. Anyway, the monkeys were really fun to watch.  I think my 2 year old wanted to get out and play with them.

Most of the other animals were pretty lazy – the lions, zebras, kangaroos, and cheetahs were all lounging around as we drove by. Both Amy and I loved it, but I think my kids needed to see a little more action to keep their attention spans up during the driving part.  I had numerous requests from my 4 year old to play with my iPhone as we drove through the safari for the last half hour or so. Having said that, there was so much of the park that we didn’t even explore.  I know my kids would have loved the water park area, which we would have gone to if the weather was warmer.

Overall, I do love this place, although I think the admission price is really expensive. Just make sure to pack your own lunch if you go so you don’t have to pay their high food prices as well.  I loved being able to drive around and watch the animals living in the open area.  The location is also great. It took us an hour and 20 minutes to get there from downtown Toronto.  Not bad at all, especially when everyone falls asleep for a nap on the way home 🙂





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