Long weekend traffic blues

This Canada Day long weekend we enjoyed an awesome time at the cottage with both sides of our family. It was a weekend filled with fishing off the dock, swimming, boat rides, tubing, family dinners, ice cream, and a trip to Sandbanks.

It started off on Friday when I was sitting at my desk around noon, looked at the traffic app on my phone and saw that our route was already completely in the red.  I quickly looked up another route and saw that it wasn’t too bad, but I wanted to get going. That’s when I packed up my stuff and decided to go and pick up my son early from his last day of school so that we could get the heck out of the city ASAP. My husband had left the night before along with his parents so that he could get things in order before the rest of us arrived.  So me and the two kids packed everything into the car and started our drive to the cottage.  I thought that leaving at 2pm would give us a great head start on the long weekend traffic.  Not a chance.  For a drive that usually takes us 2 hours door-to-door, this time it took us FIVE hours. It was not a great drive…

My 2 year old hates her car seat and screams about it every ten minutes.  Eventually, her 4 year old brother yelled “I don’t want to hear about it anymore!” She responded by telling him that he needs a time-out which he doesn’t appreciate AT ALL, so he screams back “I don’t like you”. It went on like this for a little while until I just about lost my mind.  In my head, I was thinking “god, I hope my husband has a nice cold glass of pinot grigio waiting for me when I arrive”.

Another really great thing about this drive is that it was 31 degrees out and the air conditioning in our car is on the fritz (think it’s time for that new X3, Tommy!) so we had to drive with the windows open, which my 2 year old also hates because it blows her hair around.  She seems to be pretty high maintenance these days. I found myself taking a combination of back roads and highways, wherever I could keep the car moving so that the wind could come through the windows to give us some relief from the heat.

Also, my 2 year old is potty training (and is doing a fantastic job of it, except during long car rides) so we had to make about 3 pee stops along the way.  We ended up stopping at a Target to finally stick a diaper on her and to buy my son a Canadian flag for their room at the cottage.

Finally, we got moving again, traffic improved, and everyone was happy because Katy Perry’s “Roar” was playing on repeat. The three of us were singing along with Kate at the top of our lungs as we flew along Highway 2.  That was the fun, bonding part.  Now we were cruising!

I knew it was too good to be true…

Suddenly from the backseat, I heard “poo mommy!”  I looked back and 2 year old has a fistful of her poo, which she had removed from her diaper.  Really nice. 4 year old started gagging and crying about how gross this is (of course it is) and the chaos in the car once again, ensued.

Where is that glass of pinot??

Single mothers, sometimes I don’t know how you do it.  At one point, after what seemed like an hour of screaming and fighting in the back seat, I pulled over to a Tim Horton’s, grabbed a box of ten timbits, and handed them back there.  Please don’t judge. You’ve gotta do what you gotta do, right? I mean you can only play so many “count the red cars” and “what does the shape of that cloud remind you of” games.

Luckily, the rest of the weekend made up for it.  We were busy every second with our families.  Some of the highlights were going on a boat ride for a picnic over to Campbell’s Orchard in the County, ice cream at Slickers on the way home from Sandbanks (if you ever go there, you must try their apple pie flavour), and numerous boat rides with lots of waves for tubing.

At last, our drive home was great.  We left at an off-peak time, it took only two hours and my sweet, darling 2 year old slept all the way home. Now, we just need to get that AC fixed…





Happy Canada Day!



One thought on “Long weekend traffic blues

  1. I’m sorry kelly but I laughed all the way through this. Been there, done that, and wasn’t laughing when it happened to me.


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