Ms. Brooks

Today, my friend Kim and I attended the WOI Luncheon with Canadian business executive, Bonnie Brooks.  She was fantastic to listen to.  Love that voice!  The room was full of women, both young and old, mostly wearing summer dresses and blazers, with lots of high buns on their heads and fun heels on their feet.

One of the things that Bonnie Brooks spoke about was Work-Life “Blend”, not Work-Life “Balance”, which I think is interesting. The women in the crowd were nodding and tweeting away as she talked about some of the struggles that women face in the working world today.  Balancing careers, marriages, children and hobbies is not always easy. She said women do all the same things that guys do. We deliver the same results that they can, only we have pressure to raise our families and juggle a career. We also have pressure to look good while we do it (especially in her industry). She talked about sitting beside Christian Louboutin at an event in Paris, shortly after her foot surgery.  She felt self- conscious when he noticed the sensible footwear that she was wearing. I would have thought the same thing that she did.  Sometimes it is the smallest things that make us stress when there are so much more important things to be thinking about.

She also raised a good point that women probably say too much. We talk A LOT.  She gave us the advice to really think about what you are going to say to someone when doing business and always say less.  She joked: “why do men date younger women? Because they have shorter stories.”  The crowd loved that one J

In honour of Ms. Brooks, I wore one of my favourite dresses to her event – my DVF sheath dress from where else?  The Bay!

DVF sheath dress




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