I turned 34 last week and last night was the closing event to my 2-week long celebration. Growing up, we always had these week-long celebrations for our birthdays. We would have a family dinner, and then maybe a bigger family dinner, and then a celebration with friends and then something special on the actual “day of”. My husband’s family keeps it nice and simple and celebrates on one day – usually on the person’s actual birthday. Needless to say, my husband never really understood my side’s need to have these lengthy celebrations. In my house, the motto was “any excuse for a party!” Some years, I can remember having 3 different birthday cakes.

However, major kudos go to my husband this year, as I think he’s finally starting to embrace the Potter Family Approach to Parties!

This year, the festivities began the week before my birthday with a dinner at my parent’s house with my sisters and their families. On the Saturday before my birthday was a GNO with some of my loveliest girlfriends and sisters. The night actually turned out to be a GNI as we got ourselves all dolled up to go out and then ended up drinking lots of sangria in my backyard and talking until around 2:30 am. On my actual birthday, I came home to streamers, balloons and my kids and husband jumping out from behind the furniture yelling “surprise”. That one was so sweet, it actually brought tears to my eyes. They baked me a cake and we had a lovely dinner together. Then last night, my husband took me out for dinner, just the two of us. We went to Ruby Watch Co. It was my first time there and I loved it!

Some people don’t like having birthdays and hate admitting their age. Earlier this year, I learned just how short life can be and I made a promise to myself that I will celebrate each and every year and to never be ashamed of my age. Every year of life is a reason to celebrate. Bring it on 34!!

Birthday Dinner at Ruby Watch Co.

Birthday Dinner at Ruby Watch Co.


4 thoughts on “34

    • Thanks mom! And my in-laws surprised me with a cake at the cottage this weekend. That’s three birthday cakes and one round of cupcakes this year. It just keeps getting better 🙂


  1. After all the birthdays we’ve celebrated together, I somehow never realized our families have the same philosophy! We’ve even been known to stretch it to a birthday month on occasion ;). One of my favourite family traditions is making up any excuse to have a party!!!!! My hubby is slowly coming around as well haha 🙂


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