waiting for a new baby to arrive

My two best friends are pregnant right now!  One of them is due literally any second and one still has a few months to go.  Both are looking gorgeous as ever with their first time big baby bellies.  Amy is like, 40 weeks + 6 days or something crazy.  I heard from her last night and she was hoping labour would start anytime.  I tried calling her cell this morning but she didn’t answer, so I’m hoping that means she is on her way to being a mommy 🙂  I must seem like the crazy friend to her – calling and sending her BBM’s every few hours – “anything yet”, “how you feeling??”, “are you a mom NOW??”.  For me, having gone through it myself, makes it so much more exciting when my friends have babies now.  I am literally on the edge of my seat.  Boy or Girl?  Oooooh I can’t wait!

My husband live-blogged throughout my first labour.  I think Amy and Clint are doing the opposite and keeping things fairly private, which I love.  I just wish I would get an update soon!! GO AMY!!

You’re up next, Shan 🙂



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