Rat Race vs. Kate Spade?

I recently left my job in the financial district. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was beyond stressed and it was taking a real toll on my mental health. I was done. After I left and I had been at my new job for a few weeks, I noticed myself walking with a bounce in my step to the subway one morning. I was bopping along, humming a tune, bundled up in my winter coat because it was one of those freezing cold mornings where your face just hurts. But I was still smiling when this woman with a huge furry dog walked by me. I stopped her and told her that her dog was adorable and that I thought he must be so warm with that great coat on. I felt like myself again. I was happy, smiling and engaging people. Rewind a few months. I was walking along that same sidewalk, pissed off at the world and rushing to catch my train to work while anxious feelings were creeping up inside me. I had been on my blackberry since my alarm went off that morning, in between sips of coffee, kisses from my kids and a shower. I got to work and it was another day of last minute requests, putting out fires, all while receiving on average, an email every two minutes. My inbox was making me crazy! I went down to the underground path to grab some lunch at 3pm. In the line beside me was a man with the most horrendous tie on. I turned to him and said “your tie is ugly”. I have no idea what possessed me to turn to a complete stranger and say that. I mean, it was a gross tie, but who says that?? I was just this angry and stressed person and felt I should tell him I guess. It wasn’t until I was bopping along the street that morning, months later, when I realized how bad it had gotten. Some stresses can be good, but some are so bad and it was the bad ones that were bringing me down. Now, when I arrive at my new job, I don’t have the feelings that I used to have when I was approaching commerce court each morning. I am in a work environment and culture that is so much better for me. And the neighbourhood rocks! The coffee shops in Yorkville are filled with all sorts of people who aren’t always in such a mad rush. Some days I do miss my friends back at my old firm and SOME days I miss the hustle and bustle, but right now, I have found my balance and I’m so happy to be here!

Where would you rather be?




2 thoughts on “Rat Race vs. Kate Spade?

  1. OMG…I can’t believe you said his tie was ugly! But I see where you are coming from, and we’re very glad you are where you are!


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