Jewels have arrived!

I hosted a Stella & Dot party last weekend. I have to be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of these multi-level marketing companies. I looked into selling them at one point and I ended up deciding that I didn’t want to have to reach out to every friend and family member that I have to try and sell them a product. I would rather keep my relationships for just me. But these things can work for some people and some are very successful at it. My friend Kim is one of them. She is personable, stylish and everyone loves her. I know she is going to be great at it so when she told me that she started selling Stella and Dot I told her I would have a party. Well I ended up getting 29 ladies in my house on a Friday night with lots of wine and jewellery. Who would not love that!? It was really just about getting a bunch of great women together and hey, if they saw some jewellery that they wanted to buy, then great! People ended up loving the stuff. I did too and just received my order! Aren’t these beautiful??



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