Hello blog world!

So I’m starting a blog. Finally! I have wanted to start a blog for sometime now but wasn’t sure of what angle to go with. Should I do a mom blog? A working mom blog? A special events blog? A fashion blog? A blog just because? And who would my audience be? Friends or just close friends, or would it be for family to keep them in touch of what our family is up to? Or anyone?? In that case, maybe it would be more of a journal that I keep for myself. I really couldn’t decide, so I’m doing an everything blog and we will see what this turns into. I’m still not sure about the name…I am trying to think of something more creative but for now this works for me. I love being a city girl and I live being a mom.

My high school best friend Tash and I used to write in journals ALL the time. We would write ten times a day. There is a giant trunk of journals sitting in my parents basement from when I was between the ages of 16-19 years old. There must be fifty of them. I guess it was the twitter of our day. We recorded every moment – every single thing that happened to us, every party we went to, every guy we kissed, every ketchup packet that we saved from our lunch at McDee’s – only nobody saw, it was a secret and we just hoped that we would become famous one day so that someone might publish them for us 😉

I’m a mom of two little peeps. Our son is four and our daughter just turned two. They are the sweetest little things and make my heart melt each and every day. So does my husband 🙂

I want to write about things that interest me….so stay tuned for stuff on parenting, kids, fashion, birthday party and event ideas, Toronto, good recipes, and who knows what else.

This was fun!


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